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Colin Iuliano Software Developer, Hardware Tinkerer


Electronic Catan LCD Tiles

Electronic Catan LCD Tiles Completed

A collection of hexagon tiles that magnetically snap together to create a Settlers of Catan board of any shape or size. Each tile features a large round LCD and a custom magnetic pogo connector on each edge. Linking up a bunch of tiles creates a position-aware partial mesh network.


SiteSnipe - Campsite Cancellation Scraper

SiteSnipe - Campsite Cancellation Scraper Completed

For those who struggle to book vacation days in advance, finding a last-minute campsite at a busy park can be quite an ordeal. SiteSnipe (link removed) compensates for poor planning by periodically scanning for recently cancelled reservations. With an SMS subscription, alerts can be received within seconds of site availablity.


Countertop Arcade

Countertop Arcade Completed

Inspired by a young admiration of video games and as an introdution to woodworking, this unique cabinet is based off the WeeCade set of plans and runs thousands of games on a Raspberry Pi.

Bluetooth "True Wireless Stereo" Speakers

Bluetooth Completed

Designed to experiment with True Wireless Stereo technology, these speakers feature the CSRA64215 audio module and BMR12 drivers wrapped in a modern oak enclosure. Engineered for high-quality audio in a small form-factor, the signal path remains digital from the Bluetooth/USB input to the amplifier output. Two speakers can be paired together to provide fully wireless stereo sound.

Heated Gloves

Heated Gloves Completed

Providing up to 15W of heat, these carbon fiber wrapped gloves were constructed to withstand and combat the harsh Canadian ski season. A custom waterproof control box provides 3 levels of warming power for comfortable hands in any weather.

IoT Remote Starter

IoT Remote Starter Completed

After many frustrating winters with a one-way car starter, this two-way starter uses an always-connected GSM modem to make sure the car is warm.

Trinkets (ESP8266)

Trinkets (ESP8266) Completed

Trinkets are a low-power wireless development platform based on the ESP8266 Wifi module. With out-of-the-box AWS IoT integration, Trinkets enable low-cost home monitoring. Each unit is equipped with a magnet sensor, and comes configured as a door sensor by default. An expansion port offers endless monitoring opportunities.


Bluetooth Volume Knob

Bluetooth Volume Knob Completed

Originally an excuse to play with Bluetooth Low Energy and wireless charging, this simple project combines an nRF51822 module with a slick maple base, 3D-printed LED ring, and an anodized aluminum knob.